How to make pizza sauce

Have you ever wondered how your favourite pizza sauce was made? And have you probably kept on staring with awe at that mouth-watering delicacy, whilst wondering when you would ever succeed in making a success of your own home-made attempts.

Well, you need to realize that making that very special pizza sauce isn’t rocket science and that with constant practice and patience, it’s possible to learn all that’s demanded. For one, you could start with the most basic pizza sauce recipe and gradually increase the amount of ingredients and complexity required as your skill improves.

Now, you don’t need to start feeling overwhelmed with how to get started out and all, for this article promises to furnish you with all the nitty-gritty you need to actually convert all your failed attempts into a huge success—Oh…yea, you can start smiling already.

However, question is: Are you really ready to make this happen? It’s that an Ok? Then, let the ride begin.

Tomato Pizza Sauce: How To Make It!

As you may have noticed, there are possibly hundreds of pizza sauces out there, with each having its own unique flavor. However, the most common type of pizza sauce is the tomato-based sauce. And this article will elaborate on how it can be made.

In making Tomatoes pizza sauce, it’s vital you make do with fresh tomatoes; preferably those that were grown by home-grown. The reason is simple: You can ascertain that they weren’t grown using artificial flavours like the ones you would most probably find in the local super market. And, it’s often best to use the plum tomato for pizza sauce.

Now, after getting your tomatoes, you remove the seeds from it and then cut the tomatoes into small slices. Fit them into a blender and make a paste out of the. The choice to have a chunky tomato pizza sauce or a paste tomato sauce ultimately depends on you. But anyone you choose to settle for wouldn’t pose as a problem, as long as the chunky slices of tomatoes you made are equal in sizes.

The base of the tomatoes is best being thick, so when blending ensure not too add too much water as it will make the base too thin, and this will make the dough soggy. If you have a very thin base, then you may want to allow heat up to get rid of excess water through evaporation. However, here’s the clause; when you heat your tomato sauce to get rid of water, it will definitely affect the flavor of the tomato base.

Another option that you could employ if you can’t grow your own tomatoes is to buy canned tomatoes that haven’t been converted to sauce or paste, and then blend it to create your own tomatoes base.

Step 2

After creating the tomato base, the next step would be to get a pan that’s large, but requires no stick to heat the sauce. Heat some oil in the pan; preferably the extra virgin olive oil due to its strong taste that could help amplifies flavor of the pizza toppings. Then you could melt butter into the pan.

When these two have been mixed together, you can then mince the onions and garlic together to get the best flavor. As soon as you get a mildly brown garlic and transparent onions colour, you can then pour in the tomato sauce, then stir. Thereafter add in salt, crushed pepper, after a few minutes. You can then add in other spices when the sauce is almost done.

Most times, people contemplate adding salt and then sugar to their sauce. Truth is, whilst salt is a must, adding sugar is completely voluntary.

With all this done, your mouth watering pizza sauce is good to serve


Pizza sauces are what make pizza especially special; else you would just be digesting dough with no flavor. This means the taste of your sauce will ultimately determine how well you will enjoy your pizza.

Tomato pizza sauce is every pizza-lover’s delight and you can be rest assured that once you master making this special sauce on your own, there’s no stopping your having to enjoy pizza anytime and anywhere.